Nautical Nursery

This is our baby's nursery. I envisioned it, I designed it, and together with the help of my husband, it became a beautiful space for baby.

Most things were customized and handcrafted by us. I posted this room on Project Nursery and as of december 7 / 2010 it has been rated 4.5 stars. It was also featured on the February 2011 issue of Cosmopolitan Pregnancy.

The idea of having a nautical themed room was born from our love for boats, the ocean and all things nautical. We think that having our baby grow in a room surrounded by the things we like and enjoy will make him like them and enjoy them as well in the near future.

Here's the breakdown of the project.


The starting point for the room was installing wainscoting to achieve a cozy and beachy feel. There's something about a clean white beadboard that makes you feel relaxed and that is what you want a nursery to be: a relaxing room.

A plain wall gets a beach cottage feel with the installation of white wainscoting and trim.
It is not only beautiful but very easy to maintain!


We went over the crown molding idea quite a few times and finally made our decision. We installed it on the wall opposite to the crib. It is a wonderful place to display baby's mementos and toys, it is decorative and is out of baby's reach.

The debated crown molding shelf found its place on the wall opposite to the crib.
It is perfect for holding toys, frames and mementos.


For the remaining part of the wall, we chose Clear Blue Sky by Valspar. I was sold by the name, not by the color chip itself. Sometimes when you look too long for similar color chips, all the samples end up looking alike. To me they all looked like "baby blue". So, always read the name on the back of the chip and if that inspires you, then it's right.

We chose Clear Blue Sky by Valspar for the walls. The name says it all!


At first I was going to go with classical curtain rod, valance and sheers but we saw the plantation shutters at the hardware store and thought it would complement the bead board and the "beach house" look. It looks gorgeous.

Plantation shutters add that cozy beachy feel to the room!


It's a toy box and a window seat! In fact, they are two toy-boxes bolted in together to make one big place to store a decent amount of toys. My favorite part is the beach landscape I hand painted for my little one. Each beach chair has our names written. I also love the custom soft cushion, very light and easy to lift, and machine washable.

The toy box serves two purposes: a beautiful, very comfortable window seat and lots of storage!

The room would not have been complete without a boat in it so my husband handcrafted this beautiful piece out of oak, hand painted it and customized it with rope, cleats and stripes! The toddler size is perfect for the baby to reach for toys and books.

My husband handcrafted this beautiful boat bookcase

Cleats and rope detail.

Stripes detail


This is one of my favorite pieces. It is just perfect!

This is a regular dresser that we customized into a changing table-dresser combo. We added the little rails that keep the changing pad in place. We painted it in the same blue we used on the bookcase.

Changing tables are a must in a nursery.


I chose a classic white crib from Graco. This particular one caught my attention because of the headboard design that matches the bead board, I bought it at Target. The bedding and mobile are from Babies R Us from the Bubbles collection.

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The design of the crib matches the wainscoting.

To be honest, I wasn't too fond of this glider. I wanted something bulky and more traditional looking, I wanted an upholstered chair but there was not enough room for one. I was set on lime green and this one fit the decor just perfect. When the room was finished, I fell in love with the chair and so did my baby!

This Carter's glider turned out to be one of my favorite pieces in the room.


Sometimes things come to you when you're not looking for them. That's how it happened with these beautiful shelf and peg rack. I stumbled upon them at a Home Goods store. I did not have a plan yet with them but I had to have them and they turned out to be the Pièce de Résistance over that side of the room. Aren't they beautiful? The beach prints are from a 2009 calendar from Flavia, I cut them to size and framed them. The frames I bought at Michaels and I painted them to give them the distressed, shabby look.

I Love how this Guardian Angel looks over Logan's { name } and crib.

This peg rack is perfect to display all those Little Sailor outfits.
These prints are from a 2009 Calendar. I also painted and distressed the frames.


I could not have completed this project without the chandelier. It just makes the room. Unfortunately I can't take credit for it, I bought it here. I am crafty and you'll see some of my work but there was no way I could reproduce this beauty. Now that Logan is older, he seems to like it a lot.

The finish of this chandelier is immaculate.


Besides sketching and painting the beach scene on the toybox, I painted these two signs.

I handpainted this plaque at 5 months pregnant.

I had a little help from a sign I saw online. I just could not resist to copy the concept for Logan's room.
And this is it for Logan's Nursery. Everyday I add something new. A picture frame, a stuffed animal, a book, a ball, it's never ending.

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Read here a post on how we made the transition from nursery to toddler room



  1. Have you painted the marine life on the toy box?

    Or is it just a printout? :)

    App'ciate the reply! xx


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