I am Flavia.

I am an engineer turned into wife, turned into mother, turned into party stylist, turned into blogger...in that order!

Arts and crafts are in my blood and on my mind every single day. So, after many years sitting in corporate and not-so-corporate offices working hard helping someone else's dreams come true, I decided  to turn my hobby into my business and make my own dreams come true.

I started by designing our baby's nursery, handcrafting many pieces that later on were featured on an international magazine as one-of-a-kind nursery, designed by a first time expecting mama. 

Fast forward a year and I found myself designing graphics and handcrafting my son's first birthday party decor. I opened an Etsy store, added my own son's party paper goods and decor, and in no time I sold my first high chair banner. Today, I handcraft parties for kids all over the world. I have shipped to Japan, Singapore, Canada and Australia!

I am a self taught graphic designer and I am currently studying web-design and html code. I love tweaking my blog. I spend most of my time sitting in front of  the computer. There, I said it! and even though I am obsessed with all the apps on my Iphone and Ipad, I still love to read a good book, turn pages and  highlight my favorite quotes.

I run my home and take care of all the crazy duties inherent to being a mom and a housewife. I run an Etsy shop from designing party decor to posting listings to handcrafting everything from start to finish. I purchase supplies, I am my own marketing director and customer service representative, I quote, I ship, I reply dozens of emails daily -sometimes at midnight- .... all while raising my awesome son together with my wonderful husband.

Love me some good iced coffee -well, any type of coffee really-, home cooked italian dinners and listening to good -old and new- country songs.

My weekdays are cra-zy! therefore my Sundays are sacred and -if I am not working- my favorite thing to do is having brunch with my 'two boys' and taking a car ride by the beautiful South Florida oceanside.

Thanks for stopping by, sit down and stay awhile! :)