Monday, November 4, 2013

Countdown to Thanksgiving - Decor and Menu!

Wowza! It's November, I can't believe how fast this year went! 

I am unpacking all my Thanksgiving home decor and making the house feel cozy and smell like cinnamon, pumpkin spice and pinecones... Too bad we are still having 90 degrees weather. Our best cool front yet dropped the highest to 81F ...Gee Thanks, mother nature!

But, I don't want to talk about the weather cause it's just not nice at this time! Will talk about it when it drops down to the low 60's.

I am here today to share with you my latest pinspiration for Thanksgiving home decor, recipes and tablescapes!. I am hosting Thanksgiving this year once again and I am super-excited .... and super- nervous because it is creeping up on me {24 days to go}.

A small disclosure before I start sharing this beautiful sight of fall goodness: all images, recipes and ideas via Better Homes and Gardens. Why? Because I think I am going to frame each page of their latest magazine issue. I just LOVE it all. And, no compensation was received for this post. It is all me, for the love of BHG.

Now, let me show you my favorite fall things I am looking forward to replicate this season!


- Miniature gourds and pinecones on each guest's plate : {maybe with an added placecard tied to the pumpkins' stems!}


- Easy, beautiful tablescape with colorful gourds and pumpkins:  What's not to love here? I will make sure to snap a picture of our table and come back with an update!



Each year I try to stick to one author's menu {from turkey to side dishes, to dessert}. So far I have done: Alton Brown's Best Thanksgiving Turkey Ever, last year I made a whole menu off of The Pioneer Woman's blog and this year, my mouth is watering over these Better Homes and Gardens magazine recipes that you can find on their latest printed issue. 

- First and foremost: The Turkey

How does a Spiced Turkey with Cherry-Pear Glaze sounds to you? Stuffed with lemons and spices and then glazed with sweet cherries and pears? I am in!


- The Stuffing: Caramelized Onion and Carrot Stuffing

I roast and caramelize my vegetables on a regular basis, so this definitely will be on my Thanksgiving table this year. I vow not to buy boxed breadcrumbs and buy fresh sourdough bread. Will give you an update on that! ;)


The Dressing: Creamy Barley and Chard Dressing.

This year I am making both {dressing AND stuffing}, mostly because I have fallen in love with barley {and quinoa} ever since I started making homemade soups for my son 3 years ago. 

My hubby and I are not big soup eaters {unless it's Pasta e Faggioli from our favorite italian restaurant} but I have been trying to raise my boy to eat {or drink} lots of soup and he really likes them. 

So, going back to the barley, I think this one I will make just for me {ahem!} since I think hubby and relatives will say: what in the world is this on Thanksgiving day? But, you never know!


The Vegetables: 

Brown Butter Brussels Sprouts and Apple: you had me at Brussels Sprouts. We eat them steamed, roasted, baked, pan fried, you name it, we love them!


- Garlicky Crumb-Coated Broccolini: whenever there's garlic and broccoli, I am in, in a heartbeat!. I am half italian so, this combination is perfect to put the italian touch to our Thanksgiving table. Will miss you dad! :(


The Starch: 

Lemon-Garlic Mashed Potatoes: There's garlic in here too, say no more. 


and last but no least: The Desserts. Yes, plural. I am challenging myself to make these two! I take pride on my home-cooked meals and savory dishes...Baking however, intimidates me. But, I always give it a try and this Thanksgiving won't be the exception.

- Maple-Pumpkin Pie with Salted-Pecan Brittle: this recipe made the cover of the issue. 

Of course it did! 


and, Baked Apple Bowl Pies: no hassle, individually portioned Apple pies? Yes, please. I am definitely making this one!


By clicking on each picture, you will be directed to the Better Homes and Gardens website where there's a small excerpt of the recipe, however, you must sign in to see the full recipe. Or, you can go grab the current {November} issue of the magazine!

I am hungry now! I shouldn't post stuff like this on an empty stomach! 

Thank you all for reading! 

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