Friday, June 7, 2013

Cricut Father's Day Promo - Gift Card Included!

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You all know how passionate I am about crafting and yes, I do a lot of graphic design on the computer and it seems like the scissors and the glue gun are a part of my hand these days...{As a matter of fact, I cut and squeeze the glue gun so much that I think I am showing signs of carpal tunnel syndrome...Yikes!}. But, I would say 90% of my projects wouldn't be complete without my Cricut Expression 2. 

Cricut Expression 2

The first Cricut I owned was a gift from my husband on my 29th birthday. 

{ Oh Gosh! it sounds like a long time ago....not really though :) }. 

I started using it for making personal scrapbooks and for home decor projects. Little did I know that after having our first {and only} child I would be crafting his first birthday party decor and that those same decorations will bring me to this day...crafting party decorations for kids all over America. Last year I upgraded my Cricut to the Expression 2.

If you are still thinking about what to give Dad for Father's Day, and he is a techie kind of person, here is a good idea:  how about a Cricut Expression Father's Day Gift Pack?

Here's what is included in this special offer:

  • Black Cricut Expression Machine
  •  $50 Cricut Craft Room gift card 
  • Bonus deep cut blade 
  • Tool kit 
  • 2 Cricut Color Ink pens 
  • Project starter materials including stencil, vinyl and iron-on 
  • Idea book to get Dad making projects of his own 

I am not sure if this black Cricut Expression®  is a limited edition or not but it sure looks nice and elegant for dad! 

Stencil, vinyl and iron-on included!

Love this sample project, perfect for a father-son day spent at home labeling all things possible! ;)

Find out more about this special offer and read about all the features of this black Cricut Expression  here.

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