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Ninja Party Decorations - New Designs on PPP

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Looking for some ninja birthday party ideas? You are in the right place! I am so excited to show you this brand new design!

Last week we celebrated my nephew's 6th birthday. He is such a big boy now you know?, practicing martial arts and doing what most 6 years old do...fight with swords and pretend they're bulletproof!

So, who else could design a black, red and white ninja birthday party suited for a 'master' like him? Auntie the crafty...

We started from scratch. I purchased beautiful ninjas clip art and designed the invitation. He is obsessed with the 'katanas' {the ninja stars} and nun-chucks so I made sure to purchase a design that included them.

The party was held at the place where he takes martial art classes. Just like for my little boy's 2nd birthday party, we only had a short time to get set up and with only a small 6 ft table where we tried to squeeze all the goodies. It all turned out great! 

This time, I decided to get out of my comfort zone and instead of designing a long straight 'Happy Birthday' banner with ninja images here and there, I looked for some inspiration on Pinterest and found wonderful ideas.  I decided to stick to one in particular...Look for the credits at the end of the post. :)

Banner inspiration via thecrafftedsparrow

I thought about using a couple of  tri-fold project display boards to imitate a japanese room divider...While searching high and low on how to make the banner special, I landed at The Crafted Sparrow's blog. Once I saw how she created this beautiful banner and hung it in front of a red fabric background, I changed my mind and put that tri-fold project display board to work in a much better way. 

I bought red cardstock {poster size} and covered the tri-fold board on both sides. Then, covered the creases with 3/8" black grosgrain ribbon and hot glued each banner separate spacing them evenly on the center of the board. For the banners, I printed each letter on bright white cardstock and then cut the silhouette of each one of them. 

I have also bought one 'pirate sword' {I know, pirate?? it was all I could find at my local party supplies store} and I was planning just to prop it on the table over a red box ...but then my background looked blah! so I decided to go purchase another one and we {grandma helps too!} 'framed' the banner with them. Before, we wrapped red and black grosgrain ribbon around the handles of each sword. 

Ninja Party Cupcake Toppers by PoshPaperParties

I made him simple 2.25" round red and black cupcake toppers and used all of the ninja images I had available in the package including swords, nun-chucks and katanas. We went for plain vanilla white buttercream icing on chocolate cupcakes to match the decor.

and because we all LOVE cupcakes and buttercream icing, here is one more 'sweet' shot! ;)

For the bottle wrappers, I made a 'black belt' design that everyone loved for its impact and simplicity...

My nephew has a sweet tooth..{don't they all?} so we bought a couple of glass containers and filled them with Cherry Twizzlers Nibs and mini marshmallows. To those jars I added a little 1.5" inch ninja tag mounted on 1" wide black satin ribbon.

We wanted to go for Chinese take out boxes for the favors but they wouldn't fit some of the surprises my nephew had picked for his friends, so we went with red and black medium (9") gift bags. I added contrasting ninja favor tags with red and black backgrounds.

And last but no least, a thank you note to his friends for sharing with him such as special day packed with fun and lots of ninja action! 

All Ninja Birthday Party Decorations designed and handcrafted by Posh Paper Parties with the exception of the Happy Birthday banner, inspiration drawn from The Crafted Sparrow blog.

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  1. This is a great fresh idea for a kids birthday theme. I never seen this theme in any of the birthday parties my kids were invited. Great inspiration.


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