Friday, February 22, 2013

Baby Shower Games Ideas - Simple and Fun!

My girlfriend is having her third baby in a few months and most people think that when you have more than two babies, you don't need a baby shower anymore. Why not? At baby showers we are not only 'showering' the 'new mom' with gifts but we are having an excuse to get together and have some fun!

So, I am throwing my dear friend a 'Diaper and Wipes Shower' {you always need those, if you're not cloth diapering} and we are gathering by the pool for a brunch! Yum! I will make sure to come back to this post and give you an update.

While searching on Pinterest {but of course} for fun and simple baby shower games to do that day, I landed at this wonderful post written by Kris @ Driven By Decor a blog which -by the way- has made it to my blog lovin' list!

photo via Driven By Decor

Here is a brief of the games! Click on the title of each game to read the full description and how to's!

1. Name That Baby: have your guests bring a baby picture of themselves and play a 'matching' game!

2. Daddy's Knows Best: ask the 'dad to be' some questions like 'what is the biggest craving 'mom to be' has had during the pregnancy? ' and then have mom guess his answer. Kris took it up a notch and videotaped the father's answer! Swoon!

3. Wishes for New Baby: have the guests write a thoughtful wish for the baby on this free printable Kris has created! And speaking of... take a look at these Wishes for Baby cards I made too!

4. Late Night Diapers: this one is my favorite. Have your guests write messages on the diapers to make late night diaper change a fun task!

photo via Driven By Decor

I love how simple, inexpensive and fun games ideas these are for a baby shower! Thanks to Kris for allowing me to share her post. Please make sure to drop by Driven By Decor and show her some love!

Looking for more Baby Shower Ideas? Click here and read one of my most read posts!

Thanks for stopping by, happy Friday everyone!



  1. Thanks so much for the nice shout-out Flavia. I LOVE your Wishes for Baby cards!!

    1. My pleasure! Thanks for such an inspiring blog! XO

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  3. Your game ideas are great. Those are simple but it has lots of fun.


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