Saturday, September 8, 2012

Pink Kitty First Birthday Party - Pink and Lavender

In the midst of organizing my craft room {yes, it is finished, I just haven't put the finishing touches, once that's done, I will snap the pictures and write a post} I stumbled upon so many projects I have done in the past months and that I have not been able to share on the blog, neither to post on my online store. Yikes! I really have a lot of work to do!

Sorting through the pictures files on my computer, I found this beautiful pink kitty party I made for baby Olivia back in May. One thing I like about my work, is being able to design around someone else's idea. Usually, the customer would send me a picture or a link of something they saw online, or something they own and ask me to design the party package around it. So far, so good :) I have delivered beautiful party packages inspired on just colors, any possible animal { I am working on baby shower package with baby panda bears!} trees {like my cherry blossom favor tags}, favors, the baby's nursery decor and more.

Olivia's mommy sent me the party invitation and asked me to design a welcome sign, a happy birthday banner, a high chair banner and a mini happy first birthday banner. The theme was a pink kitty with touches of lavender... I used a beautiful white glitter tulle fabric for the hanging part of the welcome sign, tied with pastel pink satin bows. Cute!


I put 'jewels' around the kitty's neck to make a collar... fancy kitty :)

Now, a "Happy Birthday Olivia" banner is quite large {even in the picture is hard to get the whole banner within 600 pixels width } ... I kept the "Olivia" banner separate and added one kitty link on each end. 

Olivia's mommy kept it and hung it on the nursery's door. These banners are well made ;) and they sure will last for years if you handle them properly. Keeping the name part, is a nice idea for baby's first birthday keepsake.

I usually tie the banners' links together with sheer ribbon, however, this banner was so dear to me and so sophisticated, that I decided to tie it with pink and lavender fabric tulle knots. 

I kept the small banners ( happy 1st birthday and high chair) simple. Those, I printed {instead of die-cut as above} and tied them with sheer ribbon. 

Sorry for the large amount of pictures...they might look the same but I actually zoomed in every three links... This is the high chair banner: 

And one more collage picture of all the products.

This party package is available at my Etsy Store for $85.00 plus shipping. It can be customized on any colors of your choice, any animal. If you have an idea that you would like to share with me, I would love to hear from you! 

Thanks for looking, happy weekend! 

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