Thursday, September 20, 2012

Craft Room Design - The Big Reveal

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The moment has finally arrived and I am so excited to share with you this big reveal! For years...YEARS I have dreamed of a craft room / studio and you all {y'all ;) } have no idea how happy this makes me! :) Yes, I am like a kid with a brand new toy...The difference is that I am not going to get tired of this one EVER!

If you read my post Craft Room Design, you've been waiting to read this post and see the new remodeled room. Well, wait no more, it's here!

For months I searched the words "craft room ideas" and an image of a white craft room -or ten rather- would pop up! It's the cleanest, nicest look. Now, before I describe how I did it I have to say that I can't give you an exact amount of money I put into this because: 1. I have been buying items for the last year here and there (on sale or not) and 2. My husband put a lot of work and craftmanship into this and his work is priceless ;)

Ok, on to the project breakdown:


The room had plain white walls. I wanted the room to look clean and airy but white walls are too blah!, so I picked this muted yellow color called Banana Cream Pie from Glidden in eggshell finish. Easy to clean. Glidden paint is sold at Home Depot.


Bye bye carpet! 

Even though I love the feeling of carpet under my feet { I am a barefoot type of girl }, the room needed a flooring upgrade badly. The carpet was just too worn out from all the traffic all these years. We picked laminate flooring, besides economic, is very low maintenance. Oh! and I can move my chair around with ease!. I keep handy a handheld vacuum that my husband gave me {he can pull out anything from the garage like a magician from a hat} and I can't live without it. I virtually have no mess at all now!. 


I bought these at Michaels. I initially  wanted to build a "wall unit" with these cubbies and just make a small counter against the wall flanked by a pair of cubbies on each end. Then, I realized that the depth of the counter (14.5") would be too small for my projects and then I would be begging for more space again. 

So, here is where the project took a big turn on the way.

I had bought 22 cubbies one day at Michaels when they had a big sale. All the scrapbook storage was 40% off, plus I had a 25% off total purchase coupon. So, it was a good deal. I knew this before hand { it pays to run to the craft store three times a week} and I made a pre-design on a sheet of paper and went there the  day of the sale with a plan! ;) That was at least 7 months ago! 

I bought a mix of cubbies with shelves, with drawers, shelves and drawers, magazine holders, etc. You can see some of the other cubbie designs in this picture... 

I had mentioned before how difficult it was to come up with a plan, being that I had only two walls to work with. But I am delighted with what my husband and I came up with! He's a genius, if you ask me :) 

{ Bonus picture! } When my son saw his father working with power tools, he went running to his room,  dug in his toybox and found his screwdriver (bottom right) and brought it to his dad... Just too cute! 

Back to the description.


Because I wanted a big and - I mean BIG - surface to work on, my husband custom made the counter out of wood and high gloss white Formica.  It weighs around 300 pounds! Yep, it's huge! It came home from his shop in three pieces and he put it down over the cubbies that I had strategically placed in the room. 

Please don't mind the spider web of cables I have under my desk...That's my next thing at a time. Look at the 'big picture' here.

On the wall side, the counter is 30 inches deep by 11 feet long. When it turns, on the left of the top picture, it's 36 inch by 7 feet long  and then, when it turns again it's 15.5 inches deep by 4 feet long. We brought the cubbies forward so the counter would overhang just 1 inch. Behind the cubbies -on the wall side- there's an opening, which we thought it would be our son's hideaway...but it turned out to be perfect: behind those cubbies I have a built in garbage pail and an over sized sub-woofer. 

That hole in between my desktop station and my Cricut is for the garbage! I came up with this idea, when my son started "depositing" all his toys inside the holes that my old desk had...and then I started "depositing" my garbage there too. This one has an actual garbage pail underneath! LOVE IT!


My wall unit plan {with the cubbies} changed when I spotted this Ikea Expedit Bookcase on Pinterest. 

To my despair, Ikea does not make the biggest Expedit shelf they have {6x6 cubbies} in high gloss white. So, we purchased two: a 4x4 cubbies Expedit and a 4x2 cubbies Expedit and we mounted {yeah WE! I picked it up and gave my hubby a hand} one on top of the other. My main idea was to have some storage in the bottom for my son's toys. His bins are the white ones and I make sure he knows it..No more touching mommy's stuff!

Inside the fabric drawers I have all things possible...I have come to realize that - no matter how hard you try - crafting is always going to be a little messy. If I stopped to put 'neatly' away each scrap of paper or any material for that matter, I wouldn't be able to finish projects on time. So, these bins are wonderful. If I have leftover paper, I just drop it in its bin, leftover tulle or ribbon, in another bin...and so on.


Each bin is full to the top with all these supplies {they're still neatly organized inside...I still have the 'brand new' fever}

- Paper punches
- Solid color paper scraps
- Patterned paper scraps
- Stationary (includes cards, envelopes and return labels)
- Stamps and inks
- Fabric, tulle and ribbon scraps
- Cricut accesories like jukebox, blades, vinyl rolls together with stencils and other miscellaneous tools I don't use everyday.
- Glue products and tools like screwdriver, X-Acto knife, pliers, wood sander, etc
- Acrylic paint and brushes.


Another item I bought at Michaels at 65% off (40% off plus 25% total purchase coupon) was the embellishment center. 

At first I thought I wasn't going to have a wall where to hang it because it is big and because I have an open loft I didn't want it to be seen from the formal living room downstairs. Turns out I found the perfect wall kind of behind the wall unit but perfectly accessible.

Yikes! I still have the black filing cabinet...It's an eyesore but I can't change the color of the printer so I figured I'd rather keep the whole thing like that, seamless. Until I come up with a new plan.

In the embellishment center I keep...well, embellishments. Ha! :)

I cut hundreds of tiny onesies at a time for my favor tags so I store them by color in different storage jars. I also use mason jars where I keep lollipop sticks for cupcake toppers, wood craft sticks, mini clothespins and multicolor pom-poms. 

I just bought a bunch of Martha Stewart Martha Stewart embossing powder and I am looking forward to start new projects :) Now that I have a much more functional {and inspiring} room, I'm hoping I can work on new items and projects.


We bought 3 of the Ikea Lack shelves in high gloss white.  I could not be happier with this set-up! They are so sleek {and I don't dig too much the minimalist decor} but they work so well with the room!

I love how I can keep my cricut cartridges handy and they still look cute and decor the room. To the right of them I have 4 ... just 4 {out of my hundred and something collection} cats figurines. These 4 are dear to my heart and each one represents a special moment in my life. Oh! and I have an {empty} cat treats canister because I have my cat on a diet...poor thing. This is the shelf on the right side of the room.

On the left side of the room I decided to just place all my blue tin buckets {same ones I used on my son's Caillou Birthday Party last summer} with all my pens, markers, felt tip pens, pencils and scissors. Easy to reach for me while I am working, hard to reach for my toddler. I think they look cute! {they scream: 'This is a craft room!'}.

The center shelf is still empty. I have a project under my sleeve...just haven't got the time to do it. I will make sure to come back to this post and link-up the project. The calendars, dry erase board and corkboards I bought at my local Walmart but there is a wide variety of these products on Amazon.

The next morning after we put the shelves and boards on this wall, I woke up to this note from my husband: 

"Good Luck in your new office. You deserve the best. I love you! Me."

With a supporting husband and an inspiring room I think I can conquer the world! .

My mission with this post is to inspire you as a crafter to follow your heart and your dreams...With imagination and will power, you can achieve great results :)

If you have any questions about any other products you see on these pictures, feel free to ask! 

Until next post. 




  1. OMG, Flavs! I love it so much that I don't even know where to start. It is absolutely gorgeous! I love the white and the sleek lines.

    Being a person who keeps her office very neat and clean, my eyes and heart are drawn to all the nooks and cubbies you've included for every item.

    Everything has a place and everything in its place. Love!

    I really love the hole for the garbage. That's so clever and keeps everything so neat and perfecto. You're a super star Flavs! Can't wait to see your article about home office organization and design on Freelance Writing Dreams.

    Kisses and blessings,


    1. Thank You Sam! I truly love my room and I am looking forward to inspire people with this post. Please email me some guidelines for the post for FWD I can't wait to write it!
      Best to you!

  2. I LOVE all the storage cubbies and how organized this looks! And spacious! What a great space to be able to work in.

    1. Thank You Cheryl! and thanks for the follow on twitter and Pinterest. Im happy I found your blog! Have a wonderful week!


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