Friday, August 17, 2012

Gender Neutral Baby Shower Banner - Pastel Colors

When throwing a neutral gender baby shower, green and yellow seems to be the preferred palette for moms to be. However, there's nothing wrong with adding some other pastel colors like baby blue or lavender... even throwing a hint of pink is absolutely ok. 

When it comes to "baby talk" my favorite quote says: " Babies are kiss from Heaven, blown by the hand of God "  and to me, my precious baby has a hint of all the colors in the rainbow, the colors of the sunrise and the sunset all together.

A few months back I created this beautiful banner for "Baby Morgan"

The baby shower theme was "Ready to Hatch" and we incorporated the bird in the banner, keeping the letters in pastel yellow on top of a very delicate patterned cardstock. 

The patterns included stripes, polka dots, stars...

and this cute pattern with all baby items/words printed on it ( picture below - first onesie with the letter O ).

For this particular banner, instead of hanging the onesies with clothespins on a tulle, the customer preferred to have them tied to each other with tulle knots. I used green, white and lavender tulle to make the knots.

This order included 130 favor tags ( big party ah?! ) and I kick myself because I did not take pictures of them. Even though it was my popular onesie design on a scalloped background, this time the onesie was die cut on this yellow gingham patterned paper and it looked lovely. 

Don't be afraid of adding a touch of lavender or pink to your gender neutral baby shower...after all, there's 50% chances that you will have a baby girl why settle for just green and yellow?

By the way, consider this too when designing your neutral gender nursery. Not much the adding pink and lavender part, but thinking outside the box an adding pops of bright color to your baby's room. Take a peek a this Cool and Retro Neutral Gender Nursery and design board and get inspired.

Thanks for looking! Happy Baby Shower planning! 

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