Friday, August 10, 2012

Baby Shower Favor Tags - Wording Ideas

What should I write on baby shower favors? That is a very common question customers ask me when ordering favor tags for this occasion.

I have made so many baby shower favor tags in the last year that I think I have enough material to write this blog post {and I am sure there's more to come!}. Each "saying" is accompanied by a picture, so you can also see examples of color and patterns combinations and get inspired.

Note: You're going to see A LOT of  onesies! They are people's favorite! 

OK. Let's get to it:

1} Most popular and no brainer: " Thanks for coming! -  Lu's Baby Shower "


2} If you have picked your baby's name, this wording is appropriate and very cute!: "Welcome Baby Harlyn Annabelle"

I love this pink and lavender favor tag so much I have to post another picture ;)

I love... { I know, I love all of them ! } this shabby chic favor tag with a baby blue background, not too common for a baby girl baby shower, but it works well!

3} You can also omit the word 'baby' and just write a plain: "Welcome Elizabeth Robin"

4} This is another simple wording, it includes the name of the mom to be and the date of the baby shower: "Cara's Baby Shower - February 26th-2012". No onesie here, this tag was for a customer hosting a vintage themed baby shower and wanted a vintage baby carriage. Cute! 

5} Sometimes, baby showers are not only offered for the mom-to-be but also for the dad-to-be. This particular tag was meant to be tied around a drink for a picnic themed baby shower.
It reads: " Stephanie and Travon's Baby Shower - Cheers for Baby Aidan". Notice that to give the tag a rustic feeling, customer chose baking twine instead of satin ribbon. 

How about this one to welcome your little prince? This particular tag was made to match the A New Little Prince Baby Shower theme. 

6} Here is another example using the baby's name and the date of the baby shower: "Baby Kendra - April 7th-2012" . I love this tag! The customer asked me if I could customize the background to be cherry blossoms, and I did. I love the palette of green and pink with a hint of brown that comes from the cherry blossoms tree.

7} This is one of the most popular favor tags in my shop, if not THE MOST popular. In fact, they were featured on a Etsy Treasury list. It was designed for a shabby chic themed baby shower where the baby shower hostess was giving tea bags as favors.
It reads: "A Baby is Brewing - Kim's Baby Shower". 

8} And one more example, for a baby girl baby shower:
" We are tickled pink that you came to celebrate Katharine Grace!"

I hope these favor tags wording ideas inspire you as well as the color combination, themes and patterns used on them. For more baby shower colors and inspiration, click here. 

Oh! and if you're looking for some Baby Shower Games Ideas, make sure to check out this post!

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. These tags are amazing. I love the sixth tag with the background of cherry blossoms.

  2. thanks so much!!! I was having trouble figuring out what to type.

    1. Thanks to you for stopping by! :)

  3. I love your ideas. :) How did you make these tags? Or did you get them from a website?

  4. Thanks for sharing these ideas!Katie


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