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Caillou Birthday Party

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On Saturday July 21st our little boy turned 2! That same day we offered his birthday bash at The Little Gym. It was F-U-N!

Now, before I start sharing details with you, I have to say: this was WAY too much preparation for 90 minutes! That's all you have. But knowing me, and always putting so much thought into every little detail, I had to do all these goodies for two grand reasons...One: My son LOVES Caillou! and the look on his face when he saw everything set up -and Caillou images all over the place- was worth all the effort I put into it.
Two: This is what I do, this is what I LOVE to do and I enjoyed every second of it.

I designed the invitation, inspired on all the Caillou party supplies sold online that I have bought two months before. Once I had all these goodies in my hands...

images via
... I designed the invitation. Mostly inspired by the placemat and the image of Caillou with his hands up in the air from the cup...Cute!

Now, for the party goodies I made:

- 2 Happy Birthday Banners
- Food Tents
- Juice Bottle Labels
- Favor Tags
- Welcome Sign
- Centerpieces
- Cake Decoration (well, maybe 1/3 of it!)

*** UPDATE: please DO NOT contact me to via email or via comments looking to purchase Caillou themed decorations of any kind, as right now I am unable to sell any handmade items or distribute digital files. I made these decorations for my personal use only and the purpose of this post is to give you inspirations and ideas on party styling *****  Thanks!


Beforehand, I want to say that I am not the best photographer out there, neither I have the greatest camera, and on top of that, the light wasn't good at the venue. The walls are yellow and they soaked up the natural light.... and I picked yellow tablecloths nonetheless! So, my apologies for the not-so-good pics. Here we go:

First, the Welcome Sign. This is the only picture with natural light of course, it was outside hanging on the front door...

This is a simple Happy Birthday banner. Initially I thought I would put it as a background for the main table, but behind that table there was a window - bummer!- so I opted for a wall on the side of the room. Here is where the yellow soaks up my natural light!.

Here is a zoom...

This is the main table (with the outside view background). I put a second banner over the skirt. In case you're wondering, I use foam mounting tabs to hold everything up on the wall and on the table skirt, it works great!

These are the kids' tables...

Every time I go to Target, my first stop is the Dollar Spot. I am always stocking up on tin buckets... I am obsessed with them! They are cute, cheap and they are multi-use. So, I used them for the centerpieces... just like in last year's party and weighed them down with crayons.

Last year I labeled water bottles...This year - thanks to my girlfriend whose little boy's birthday party I helped to decorate - I took the idea from her and labeled also Apple Juice bottles - duh!- last year I gave the kids juice in pouches that I couldn't label.

Here is a picture of the whole label in all colors. 

Going back to the main table, these are the favors. I bought mini totes in all matching colors, except I could not find red so I used hot pink instead for the little girls. I was upset I couldn't find red...that's how quirky I am! But, girls love pink so at the end it was all good! 

Here is a zoom of the favor tags...

Now, moving onto...the cake! I searched high and low for Caillou birthday cakes ideas and I found beautiful ones on Pinterest, many very professional made with rolled fondant...but I think that kids are not too 'fond' of it -no pun intended! - Instead, buttercream icing is a go! So, I went to my local bakery at the grocery store and I ordered a simple yellow cake with all primary colors icing, specifying that I wanted green on top (to simulate grass in a park) and no writings on top. The decorator called me that morning to double check with me about the "no writing, no words, no happy birthday on top" note I left on the order. And then she asked me again when I went to pick it up! I had a better plan: 

I bought these Caillou figurines in a backpack and I placed them on the cake. My personal touch were the balloon candles and the little "Happy 2nd Birthday Logan" banner that Rosie and Leo are holding...It's my favorite thing of the whole party decor! :)

...and because it's my favorite part, here are more pictures :)

This sight made my son smile BIG time!

So, everyone knows I can't bake, but I was in the mood for some mini cupcakes with primary colors icing, so I went and asked my friend Betty Crocker to give me a hand and the night before, I iced 48 of these babies myself with these wonderful Wilton Ready-To-Use Icing. They are... imperfectly perfect! The only reason why I did not use cupcake toppers was because they don't fit inside this particular cupcake stand that I love because it lends itself for some cute decorations.

Here is zoom of the Caillou image on top...

This is one of the bucket tins holding colorful mini Rainbow Spiral Lollipops. I had two tins, one on each side of the main table...

I found personalized latex balloons and paired them with the foil balloons. Swoon!

My girlfriend made these brazilian sweets called Beijinhos (Little Kisses) and they are made of coconut and condensed milk...I ate them all! :) Here you can see a sample of the food tents.

Another food tent -with better light - this picture is terrible...yikes! I was in a hurry.

and finally, a bonus pic of me and my little man...

After 60 minutes of " serious fun " inside the Gym itself, the kids came inside the party room, ate pizza, draw on the reverse of the activity placemats, we sang happy birthday and ate cake. We had a full house! All the kids that were invited attended and that makes all the hours of hard work worth the effort. Everyone, kids and adults had a great time!

Thanks for stopping by!

This post contains affiliate links for your convenience. For more information, please read my Affiliate Disclosure page.

*** UPDATE: please DO NOT contact me to via email or via comments looking to purchase Caillou themed decorations of any kind as right now I am unable to sell any handmade items or distribute digital files. I made these decorations for my personal use only and the purpose of this post is to give you inspiration and ideas on party styling *****  Thanks for your understanding!


  1. First off, Happy 2nd Birthday to your son Logan! What a cutie! Thanks for sharing your photos and how you prepped for the party. Gave me some ideas and inspiration for my lil man Jack's 2nd birthday coming up in December :-)
    You did a great job and no, 90 minutes is definitely not enough time to put together everything but props to you as you did a wonderful job!

    1. Hi there!
      Thanks for your kind words! I am glad I inspired you, that's my main goal.
      Thanks for stopping by!

    2. Is there anyway to get one of the signs on the cake for my son birthday cake it is so cute!! Thanks

    3. Hi! Please email me your details to: poshpaperpartiesco at gmail dot com

      thank you

    4. Hi my name is Amber. I would love to get one of those banners for the cake. Can you email me?

  2. Hi!! My sons name is Logan and he's turning 2 in March and he also LOVES Caillou so that's the theme we are going with as well! I am dying to know where you got the personalized Logan latex balloons! Thanks so much!!

    1. Hi Savannah!
      I found them at my local Party City!
      Hope you can find them too!
      Flavia :)

  3. How did you make the sign. I need on for a little girl on Feb. 3.
    Thanks for sharing. This is perfect.

  4. I'm talking about the one on the cake. I forgot to say that.:)

    1. I used Scrapbook Factory Deluxe 5.0, but you can use any image editing software. Even Microsoft Power Point or Word work very good. The actual size of the banner is 9.30" x 2.30" and you can use either lollipop sticks or crafts sticks to hold it in place.
      Hope these tips help!

  5. How much would you charge to do the name banner? I need one done by Jan. 31st.

    1. Hi! Please email me to poshpaperpartiesco at gmail dot com

      Thank you!

  6. Just sent an email to you. Thanks.

  7. my son will be three in may where did u make the invitaions from he loves caillou

    please email me thanks

  8. Hi my son loves caillou also and I love the idea of the apple juice labels. Can you let me know how much you charge or where I can get it? His birthday is in march, he'll be turning 2. :)

    1. Hi!
      Thanks for stopping by! Please email me to poshpaperparties {at} gmail {dot} com

  9. I sent you an email in regards to buying some decor for my son's party. :)

  10. How did u keep the lollipops stand like that in the tin cup

    1. Hi Emma,
      I put a piece of floral foam at the bottom of the tin. You can also use styrofoam.
      Thanks for stopping by! :)

  11. Hi Flavia, I'm wondering what you put in the favor bags for the kiddos to take home. I'm also doing a Caillou themed bday party for my son and I'm looking for ideas.

    1. Hi! I am sorry Im replying so late! This comment went to my spam and I just read it.

      In the goodie bags I put:
      - A Rainbow Spiral Lollipop (you can look up the link on the post)
      - A small box of crayons
      - Bubbles
      - Caillou Stickers
      - Some other dollar store find goodies (whatever strikes your fancy! )

      TY for stopping by!


  12. My daughter loves Caillou and her birthday is in August. Would be interested in getting some printables from you but didn't see this theme on your etsy shop. Would you be able to duplicate?

  13. Hi,

    My son, Isaiah, is turning two in September and he adores Caillou. Wondering where you found it or how you put together the banner and invitations?

    Please email me if you have a chance.
    Thank you,

    1. Hi Tania, I apologize for replying so late. I was away for a while. I designed and made the invitations and all decorations.I used Caillou images I found online. You can use Power Point to put together your banner and print it out in heavy cardstock. Hope this helps!

  14. Can you please send me the details on the banner? My daughter Chloe will be 3 sunday.

  15. Any chance you want to mail me the things you kept from the party? Our Logan is turning 2 on the 11th and his theme is also Caillou! LOL

  16. This is all so cute. My sweet girl LOVES Caillou, and we are going to do that for her party in March. I was wondering where you got all your printables at? Did you create the graphics, and then print? Or, did you purchase the pdf's from somewhere online? Thank so much for any help. You could email me at

  17. I LOVE your Caillou themed party. My son loves Caillou. I would love to get a copy of the invitation, etc. Anyway you can email me your details? My email is

  18. My son is turn 2. This will be my first birthday party. How did you make the water labels thanks for the ideas


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