Saturday, July 28, 2012

Baby's First Bee-Day ! - Bumblebee Party

It seems like I have sold one too many Bee-Day highchair banners lately and better than that, I was asked to design other matching goodies like invitations, welcome signs and cupcake toppers.

I think that, if I would have had a baby girl, a "bee-day" would have been in the themes list...It is so lovely, so femenine and especially so out of the box! It's a nice change from the popular pink and purple themes.

Here is the welcome sign...

This is the popular high chair banner that I sell almost daily...

and I also made these cupcake toppers to match the theme..

If you have seen pictures of my cupcake toppers before, you probably noticed that I always portray them laying down... and not standing up inside a delicious cupcake, like they're supposed to... and the reason is because I-can't-bake...Well, I can when Betty Crocker gives me a hand! :)

But, that doesn't keep me from loving cupcakes and in fact, I have a pinboard named Cupcakes Obsession...There, I found hundreds of bee-themed cupcakes... like these:

picture via Pinterest

picture via Pinterest

picture via Pinterest

All of them beautiful but...all the bee decoration on top beats the purpose of my cupcake toppers... Then I went to check out Texanerin and look what I found....

picture via Texanerin Baking

Now, if I only could photoshop { just :) kidding } my bee-cupcake toppers on this goodness 100% Whole Wheat Chocolate Carrot Cake Cupcake... Eye candy, yum and healthy! Texanerin Baking is a wonderful blog where you can find recipes of classic baked goods with a healthy twist...most of her recipes contain 100% whole wheat and are low in sugar. Now, isn't that the perfect cupcake for a bee-healthy-bee-day party?... It seems to me that today more mommies watch closely what their kids eat and this recipe fits the bill.

By the way, all my bee-day party decor can be found here.

Thanks for looking and happy weekend everyone!

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{*I do not claim ownership or copyright of the cupcakes' pictures portrayed above * }


  1. You made those bee decorations?! They are ADORABLE! You are so talented. :) This is my first visit to your page and you have some super cute stuff! And thank you very much for the nice words about the blog. :)

    1. Thank you Erin. Yes, I craft all these goodies. You're very welcome! I found your blog through kevinandamanda and then on Instagram. It's very nice to "meet you" and I will soon share with you my pics from my trip to Germany! Take care!


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