Thursday, July 14, 2011

Away But Thinking of You! {Thank You!}

Hi there! to all my dear readers. Yes, I know I 've been absent and you miss me! ;) I miss you too! I have been trying to be all those things I say I am on my profile description... A mommy, a wife, a crafter, a cook, an amateur designer...and believe me it is tough!

My little baby is turning 1! a week from today and we will have his Birthday Party on the 23rd. So, mommy {the crafter} is hand making most of the party decor and today she made this:

Personalized Water Bottle Label

The best thing about it is that every time I make a new project {whether is a label, a banner or a tag } I just take a quick picture and list the item on my Etsy shop.

I am a little nervous because even though I have been working on everything for the party...I feel like I have nothing...and it's all because the food and the cake and the drinks...all that comes last. So, I feel like my table is empty! {*sigh*}

I just want to thank you all for your visits, your lovely comments and your patience because I know I haven't been posting much but I am sure you all understand. I can't wait to post pictures from the party and share them with all of you!

Have a wonderful day! 


  1. Those labels are adorable!! Love them!!

  2. Very cute! Found you off VB- Following you now. Stop by my page anytime!


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