Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Treasury List {Baby's First Birthday High Chair Banner}

I have some exciting news! This past weekend I did my first sale {and then two more!} on my Etsy Shop and not only I had the pleasure to design some high chair banners for three little girls who are turning one on July { just like my little boy} but one of the designs - Watermelons for Sophia - was featured on a Treasury List named Summer Watermelon.

The Treasury on Etsy is a member-curated shopping gallery where this member choose items they like {or LOVE} and feature them in a public list.

 This makes me very happy because I am doing two wonderful things: crafts and designing for babies. I am working on an order of  Ladybugs and another one of Pink Lemonade! I love all these summer themes! I would be posting pictures of them soon! Please, do not forget to visit me and Like us on Facebook.

To see the featured banner please click here.

 Thank you for stopping by!



  1. Flavia,

    Congratulations on your feature on Etsy! I don't know much about Etsy, but I do know that it's highly popular and i plan to check out what it's all about once I have a little more time. I'm so happy to see you on FB and Medtopicwriter. You are such a blessing and a joy to know.


  2. Yay!! Congrats to you :) I recently made my 3rd sale on Etsy - so I totally get how exciting it is!!

  3. Thank u girls! Sam I always appreciate your heartfelt comments.xo
    Aurie, I am gonna go check your etsy shop and add you to my circle! Xo

  4. Congratulations on your sales! You are so talented!

    I didn't realize you could create a list like she did - etsy is so neat! I added your shop to my favorites =)


  5. Thanks Christina! That makes my day! Have a wonderful holiday weekend!

  6. Beautiful line! Hope it's a few years before I commission things from your site :)

  7. Hi! Congratulations on your success! I'm stopping by from the voiceBoks members to remember, and I'm following! Have a wonderful weekend!



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