Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Latest Finds for Baby! {a little bit of everything}

This weekend I did a little shopping for my boy. His Baptism is coming up and I found a gorgeous gown. When I went to buy the matching booties, they were too small! however i found the cutest white booties that will go perfect and will help him with his first steps... Yep! he's almost there! 

Baby's First Birthday  is coming soon too! and I can't wait to share with you all the beautiful things I have in store for his party! So, here's a sneak peek of the outfit he'll be wearing  {with an extra tee in case of  some kind of spillage which I'm sure it's gonna happen}...enjoy:

1. Woven Striped Tee $6.99

2.  Gingham Shirt $13.99

3. Toddler Cutler Foxing Convert Clog  $17.99 {I know! what's up with that name?}

4. Ripstop Short in Lava Orange $ 9.99

5. Boys Christening Romper Set  $ 45.99  {can't wait to share a pic with you!}

6. Infant Chubby Oxford $ 14.99 { got'em half price! bought together with these}

 Isn't shopping for baby fun?! {at least their shoes are cheaper than ours!} Do you have some summer finds that you would like to share with me? Leave me a comment and your link, I would love to see!

Have   a great day!

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{Image sources and thanks to: Gymboree, Payless, Pink Princess}


  1. Hi Flavia!

    Thanks for following me at Onesie Mommy. I'm so glad to have found another one like me! I am following you back and I signed up to get your feeds via email. I don't want to miss seeing what you've got in store for your little guy's first birthday!! I bet it will be gorgeous!

    Looking forward to reading more about you and one cute nursery!

  2. Hi Flavia! I actually wanted to leave a comment about that crazy-cute sailboat bookcase your husband made for Logan's room, but it wouldn't let me. Do you have any ideas for an older boy's and older girl's room that we could do ourselves? I'd love to see some posts about that.

    Samantha from vB

  3. Baby stuff has gotten so much cuter than when my girls were little...
    A proud member of Voice Boks!
    I've Become My Mother
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  4. Hi Sam ! Thanks for stopping by! Logan's bookcase is 4 ft 3 in tall. It's perfect for the toddler years. It is made out of oak and poplar and handpainted with glossy spray paint. For and older boy it can be made taller of course, maybe around 5 feet with an extra shelf and as far as the color goes it can be almost any. It's pure wood so it can be stained cherry, mahogany, or natural. For a girl I would paint it white! Oh! Do I love white, or maybe an off-white with a distressed finish. The possibilities are endless. I am not sure if this is a DIY project unless you or somebody you know has experience -and the proper tools for that matter- bending and in carpentry in general. Bending is the process were you have to clamp the wood in order to achieve the curves...it takes a whole lot of crafmantship to get it right. I will write a post about it when we get a new order that way I'll take pictures of the whole process. Thanks for asking. Do not hesitate to contact me if anything!

  5. Congratulations on the upcoming events! His outfits look so cute...love the clogs!

    Visiting from vB
    Thanks, Becky Jane

  6. I used to love shopping for myself, but baby shopping, I found, is even more fun! Great finds Flavia!

  7. I've always been partial to gingham check...so cute! Stopping in from vB...

  8. Hi, following you from voiceBoks.

  9. Aww, such cute outfits for the birthday boy! He'll surely look dapper in them!

    Thanks for dropping by http://hoogoeswhere.blogspot.com/


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