Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

How about our baby's Baptism invitation I designed myself with my favorite software ?

Have a wonderful Day!


  1. That is just adorable!! Great job!

  2. this is just too cute! Great work!!!

  3. Darling invite! You ought to go into business!

    I helps to have a baby that cute. You couldn't go wrong!

  4. That is adorable Flavia! Didn't even know that there was digital software out there! Great job!

    Visiting from VoiceBoks!~Lisa
    I am all a twitter about life
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  5. Ver sweet! I really like the background for your blog :)!

    Just stopping by from voiceBoks! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

    feel free to drop by

  6. That is sooooo adorable. I wish I would have thought of something like that when we had all of our kids Baptized.

    Congrats on the baptism.
    Sharon at

  7. Thanks to all my ladies coming from VB! I will make sure to stop by your blogs as soon as I have a chance. The sample says the baptism is today but it is actually next sat june 11th! Thank you!

  8. Beautiful!!! Just perfect!
    I love scrapbooking too ; ) I recently bought a sw too but I chose My Memories Suite and I love it!!
    Was that the real date of the Baptism?? How was it? Hope everything went well
    Your friend from VoiceBoks

  9. This is beautiful! I am stopping by (&followed!) from voiceBoks I WILL Follow You group. Please stop by when you have a chance (if you havent already).


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