Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Cool and Retro Neutral Gender Nursery

I really admire all those expectant mommies out there that have chosen not to know their baby's gender. I could not possibly 'survive' 9 months without knowing. Sometimes I think: " hmm, maybe I'll do that if I have another baby..." and then I think "Oh no! if I have a baby girl I want to design a beautiful Shabby Chic/Cottage Style Nursery"...so...no. Yes, I really admire those ladies that compromise many things just to be surprised on the day of the delivery. In that case, I thought I'd sketch a "white/retro/splash of color" design for a Neutral Gender Nursery. 

Here is my inspiration room.

Retro room for boy or girl.

First of all, I love the white. What color can be more 'gender neutral' than white right? It is so calming and refreshing!. The turquoise adds a girly/boyish touch and the gold detailed and mirrored armoire puts the "retro" in it. Using the white as a canvas {that would be your paint color}, put all the splash of colors you'd like. I picked green, orange, yellow and turquoise. As always, I show you my fabulous online finds! 

Here we go.


As always.. {*No compensation was received for this post*}
Thanks to www.babytalk.com for the inspiration picture!


  1. Very cute nursery! I saw you joined Voiceboks and want to say welcome and hello. I'm following you now. Come check out my blog, Saving Cent by Cent, when you have a chance. http://savingcentbycent.blogspot.com/

  2. Yeah I couldn't wait 9 months either without knowing the sex...I was born in a country that didn't have sonograms at the time so my parents believed I was a boy throughout the whole pregnancy. Bought blue and named me "Joshua" in the womb....the I was born a girl...they changed my name to Rachel, but had to keep the blue. No refund in flea markets =) So I was a blue wearing baby girl...


  3. Welcome to VB. You are in just the right place. Your nursery for either gender took my breath away. How beautiful!

    I also could not wait to find out boy or girl; even when I had a couple of each, I had to know!

  4. New follower from voiceBoks.

    Adorable site.


  5. Hi there from voiceboks! Love the nursery combo...I have been eyeing that Harlow Chair for awhile now for my office. Those pom poms are so clever as an accessory too...great job!

  6. I could definitely use one of these rooms! :)

    I will have a baby in a month from now !!! :)

  7. This room is just beautiful! What a fun design. I love the white in the nursery. We did white in ours too. I actually just posted a post about our nursery yesterday. Maybe you'll want to check it out?! Do you ever feature your followers nurseries?


  8. Beautiful room, I love those pom poms, great pops of color.

    Following you from VoiceBoks!~Lisa
    I am all a twitter about life

  9. Wao! when I see such cute rooms I want to start all over again LOL
    Hopped from VoiceBoks & our new frequent user group
    See you around

  10. That is a neat nursery room!!!! Though my boys are way past the nursery stage, I'm following your page for more valuable info.



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